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Help! WCU anaheim!


I am planning to attend WCU in anaheim this fall! I was debating between this or University of San francisco which is also private and expensive. I do not wish to be on the waitlist or lottery for the nursing programs because its pointless and stupid to wait. I value my time more thats why Im willing to pay! I need info about:

1. What is the cultural pluralism pre req? I hope it is cultural anthropology so I wont have to take it again.

2. Tuition cost. I took all my prerequisites and already have my AA in science so I know it would lower.

3. Quality of education. I have heard ALOT of bad things about WCU regarding hidden fees, services and quality of education. Their nclex passing rate is pretty low---on the 75% and Im pretty worried about that.

4. Accreditation. Are the credits from this school transferable to CSUs and UCs if I wana go for my masters in the long run?

**USF has a very good reputation for nursing but I want to go to Socal so Im looking for good reasons to choose WCU anaheim.

i am in the same boat..i dont know what to do..i also need more info on there program

I read alot of reviews online. They were not all good. Im really having second thoughts...

All the negativity is from the Ontario campus. I'm going to the North Hollywood campus and there isn't much reviews on it. Same name but the faculty and staff is obviously different. I hope for the best.

Also concerned over #4 there. They got WASC accredited in Dec '11, but I heard that it's up to the University to accept you or not.

the anaheim campus got pretty bad reviews! I was looking for LA campus reviews but couldnt find any too. I guess ill just have to come visit the school and see...

Everyone is super nice there so far, and I've already paid. If you ask questions and such (to advisers, financial aid) they're very polite and motivated to help you. In the orientation the executive director made it clear how the program will be, basically telling you "this isn't bologna, it WILL be tough." The Nursing staff are like in their 40's and seemed to be nice as well. The 3 students that volunteered to talk to us made it clear how hard it'll be too and gave us advice. Free tutoring and workshops too. Everything seems pretty awesome, almost too good to be true. Hopefully there isn't any awful surprises in the long run. It better be the way it suppose to be since I'm paying a lot of money. Their NCLEX passing rate isn't too bad too 83% last year? And before that it was higher.

Ugh im sooo tempted to go to OC campus!=( I guess I wont really know unless I go there. do they offer alot of tuition aids?


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My experience at the OC campus was great. Private message me if you would like any more details.


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Can you please email me at mynavion24@aol.com I would really love to ask you some questions regarding WCU. I' am scheduled to sign my last financial aid papers soon but would like to get feedback from a former student. Thank You.