Help us make a decision!!!


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Hi all, I was hoping you could help us make a decision.

My husband is wanting to apply to CRNA school next summer. He has a great resume, GPA, strong LOR's, and although I know it's competitive, I think has a good chance of getting in (a biased opinion I know, but for this I have to assume he will.)

I am currently waiting on my acceptance to an RN program. It's just a 2 year, hopefully I'll get in for the fall, and the best (or worst) case senerio is that we both get in when we want, and we will have a 9 month overlap in school. I will also be working a .6 as a CNA, he of course will not be working.

We have 2 small kids, 3 and 1. they will be almost 5 and 3 when the overlap occures. We do have support, my dad is our daycare, but is also self employeed. My father in law is also able to arrange his schedule so he can help out one day a week. We also know of a few drop in daycares for emergencies. I am looking into working weekends, and the possibility of evening clinicles, and he has a couple friends who have just finished the program, and say the first year is monday- friday daytime classes.

He's encouraged because he has heard that there are plenty of people with small kids, and even single moms. We have no money put away, but he's depending on student loans, and we'll pay them off when he's done by staying where we are a year before moving into a larger house. Do we (try to) sell our place, and move in with one of our parents?:eek:

I am really nervous about it, he's set to go.

Why not just wait? He, Like many of you I'm sure, wants so badly to be a CRNA, and has for years. We are still young, 27, but we're also thinking about when we do move, school ages for our kids, ect. We live in a 2 bedroom condo, and are really out growing it.

So can it be done? How are you getting though it, or what do you have planned? any and all advice would be great!


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I can honestly say that school is tough. I am currently a SRNA who is about to graduate this Dec. After I moved we found out we were going to have a child and now we have another one on the way. It is tough with children- I am just being real honest. Definitely do-able but it is tough. I do know of people who have a tougher time (i.e. don't make it because of their family situation). Private loans are a little bit tougher to get right now so he may want to check into that before fully committing if he is depending on loans. If planning on staying where you are at now- check into local hospitals/ groups because sometimes they offer low interest loans if you agree to work for them for a couple of years. It'll definitely help though if you have somebody to help take care of the kids though.

Good luck to you two.

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I will definetly check into the loan availibility, and I didn't think of checking with hospitals (it'd be nice to secure a job too) Thanks alot!

Congrats on graduating, and the kids!