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Help, I graduated a year ago and have been working in L&D since graduation. I am wanting to apply for an L&D position at another hospital. Obviously, my graduate nurse resume needs to be updated. Does anyone have any good websites that have free downloadable templates or examples? I am totally overwhelmed when I google this! Also, should my references be from the current hospital where I am working? My other references when I applied for the job were from a nursing instructor and a friend that is a nurse. I don't want my charge or director to know yet. I am really only trying to make this switch due to more money at the new hospital and the hours I want. I do like the L&D unit I currently work in and should I not get the job or the interview, I don't want there to be any bad feelings...Help



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A resume should not include references. Those should be provided seperately. Your goal is to have your resume fit on one page unless you have a long, long employment history that is relevant to the job you are applying for. Many many people apply for the same position and a recruiter is not going to take the time to look at page two of your resume if someone else has what they want on page one.

If you google "nurse resume" you should be able to find some examples. Avoid silly fonts, weird formatting, colored paper, etc. Print copies on resume paper when you go to an interview to give to your interviewer. And good luck!


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I know this is not a response to your question, but...... have you shadowed at the hospital you are applying for? You say that you like the hospital you are at right now which is a HUGE bonus...perhaps worth more than a few more dollars/hour. I would hate for you to go to a new place only to find out that the grass is not greener.


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No, i actually have not. My original plan was to try and get a PRN position at the hospital (to see if i liked it and then apply once a full time position came open if I liked it) but they have a full time and part time position posted so I thought Id see if I could get the interview and go from there. I do have experience with the hospital (as a patient, family member-not an RN). There are 2 fairly large things that I don't like about the unit I am in. I LOVE the girls I work with but there are some things that I feel like compromise the safety of our patients. These things aren't changing...SO I like it but am bothered by some of the care we are providing. Thanks for your input..I will think it through.


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Good luck to you!