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0I was offered a job at a local hospital (EIRMC) and going through pre-employment check. I have to do a physical and drug test. I take Lyrica for nerve pain and take CBD and occasionally smoke. I stopped taking CBD and obviously haven't smoked but I will not stop Lyrica. I'm extremely scared...

Will CBD cause a + drug test? Do I have to disclose I take Lyrica? Can they reverse their offer for my chronic pain? What occurs during the physical and drug test? Urine/blood/hair? Will they visually examine my skin under my clothes?

ONLY ADVICE AND SUGGESTIONS! 2 years ago I was in a terrible accident that severed nerves on both my legs, shattered my pelvis and tore my bladder. I refuse to take narcotic pain meds because I think it makes the pain worse when I don't take it...hence you increase dose and addiction sets in. I love to work and I'm finally cleared to work by my physician. I have very minimal physical limitations (can't kneel on knees or bring my knees to my chest). No one can tell by looking at me that I had injuries unless they see my scars. I have developed coping mechanisms when the pain intensifies, CBD, occasional marijuana cigarette, meditation, deep breathing. Pain is usually at night so don't comment that I shouldn't be working. I rather work and have some pain than NOT work and claim disability, food stamps, etc...I have a good 30 years of work left in me.

I am not planning on disclosing any of this to my employer. However, if they watch me pee for the drug test they will see my scars and I'm afraid I will have to disclose.

Please help me!

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