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I have recently made 2 errors, the last being last night and the most serious. Thankfully no harm came to the patient.

However I feel terrible I really worried about what will happen to me. I'm thinking is nursing the right carer for me. I love it but one simple mistake could cause serious harm!

Also last night's drug error was simply put 100% my fault I didn't check the prescription proper and administer not only the wrong drug but the wrong dose.

I just feel beside myself and I have no confidence now as a result.

I wish I could pat you on the hand and tell you it's okay, it happens to all of us, but honestly the worst med error I have made was giving insulin SQ instead of IV (force of habit, floor nurse to ER transition)- and I've given a lot, I mean a LOT of high risk meds.

I always carefully read the order, pull the meds from the Omincell/Pyxis, read the label on the vials (pharmacy tech could always put the wrong drug in the wrong drawer/bin) draw them up, and check the order against the meds I've drawn up, at the bedside, following the five rights.

Even in a critical situation, when the doctor gives a verbal order, I *always* make a habit of reading back the order, i.e. "epinephrine 1:1000 0.5mg IM", with the doctor at the bedside. Typically, I even bring the vial to the bedside and draw it up in the presence of the doctor, repeating the verbal order prior to giving the med.

Moral of the story, always double check AT THE BEDSIDE prior to actually giving the med. I don't care how much of a hurry the patient is in- just the other day, I had a patient freaking out, saying "hurry, Anna, hurry!!!!"- but nevertheless I did not skip my safety checks.

Always follow your five rights, and double or even triple check before actually giving it. It does not matter how busy the ER is- how slammed you are- how many ambulances are rolling in, how many patients are in the lobby, how many admits are waiting to roll to the floor, you do not ever skip your bedside check/5 rights.