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Hey , I'm new to this site .. But I need advice I am a freshmen at kingsbourgh community college.. In starting to hear that the program is almost impossible to get in and can take up to 6 years to complete im so torn because I've been working really hard to get into their program instead of transferring but if it comes down to it should I ? Tranfer to a bsn program like York college ? Will they accept students who went to a community college first ?....would it b that bad if I stay in kbcc? How competitive is it ?... I still haven't taken sci & bio as yet because Im still taking math my other grades in psy, soc31& eng are a's and b's but I suck in math but I kno once I finish remedial I'll b okay any Advice



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First thing first: go see the nursing advisor and ask your questions. "Hearing" things is a good way to get bad information. I'm sure the program is hard to get into, but taking 6 years to finish is completely and utterly false.

If you decide to email the advisor, I would strongly urge you to clean up your typing habits. I know you're young, but you need to work on your professional communication skills by spelling out whole words and using correct punctuation. You need to understand that all communication with the advisor can be considered as unofficial interviews.