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I am currently enrolled in a community college going for my associates degree in science (the school doesn't actually offer a nursing program) I plan to transfer into a school that has an actual nursing program, I figured doing it the community college way first would be cheaper, Ultimately I want to be a PNP ( pediatric nurse practitioner) However talking with my doctor ( who herself is a nurse practitioner) she told me to go the family practitioner route, she said it's more general and easier to find a job rather than a specialty degree, However recently I have also thought of the possiblilty of becoming a Neonatal np, Once again this would be a specialty, I'm worried about the years of school and costs It's going to run m through and if working as a specialist is really worth all the trouble you go through to get there, I really love helping people and a I've always wanted to be a nurse as long as I can remember, I just don't want to go through all that schooling and to become something specialized and not love it! Also lately I have been having a hard time going to school and keeping myself motivated my actual goal seems just so far away, Any tips on how to keep pushing myself through? and please feel free to weigh in on any subject matter in this post, advice, questions, comments feel welcome! Thank you so much (:


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I have been doin school on again off again for 10 years to become a nurse. I would say from everyone that I have ever spoke with about it their response to me was first complete just becoming a nurse once a nurse you can get a job in many different areas of the healthcare field. Try it or them then if you like it then go into the specialty of that area you loved.

I have been a phlebotomist, STNA, HHA, I even went to college for my BS in Bus. Admin and got it specialized in Healthcare Mgmt. I've known that I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was 7, so we are looking at 20-21 years of knowing. My aunt she just became a nurse last year after 30 plus years of having her heart set on it and never fulfilling her dream.

The only way to push yourself forward in my opinion is set smaller goals for yourself so once you get to the first goal you feel a sense of accomplishment. Each time you achieve a new smaller goal you will in turn already strive to get to the next goal and naturally you'll push yourself to your final goal.

At least with what I have told you is so far what has worked for me and now I'm less than to years away from getting my BSN. I hope this helped you in some way or other. Good luck

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