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I have been at an assisted living facility for 3 months now. It

has been a full frontal attack by 6 out of ten Med Aides. Most have settled down since their behavior in trying to keep me out of the loop affected a resident and they didn't know what was happening to her. I won't bother with the non-compliance of rules & regs, giving meds because family brought in a subscript. without a Dr. order, and on it goes. Extremely frightening needless to say.

Anyway how does one handle MA's that think they know it all.

The last RN Consultant did virtually nothing an the way of audits.

I think the MA's have beening running the med room for at least a year. The state is due in June & I can't get all in compliance due to resistance to ANY changes I want to institute. Minimal support from the administrator, he says this has to stop. Wants everyone to agree on changes. His response is we had no deficencies the last survey. The last RN came just before or after the last survey. Also the last survey team came 4 months early.

HELP oregon-rn


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I just started at A ALF and feel so bad for you. I'm replacing a fired Assist. Dir. Health Services and am waiting for the other shoe to drop. The techs seem ok so far but there has been so many changes and they too run the unit. It is scary cause I'm the only RN in the facility. Both my bosses are LPNS, how are we covered legally is the question. I've contacted the BON. and am waiting for an answer. Best wishes and you can contact me by private message if you wish. I'm curious about your facility. If it is the same Company as mine.

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