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I am a newly licensed nurse in my home state and moving to California soon. I'm working on getting my CA license through the CA Nursing Board by endorsement. The only issue is I don't have all of the prerequisite classes the state wants including Microbiology and maybe sociology? If I apply and send my official transcripts will they deny my application and make me pay the $350 fee again after I have taken the classes... or can I apply and then add the classes later? I want them to tell me exactly what I'm missing for "educational prerequisites" but I don't want to pay just for them to deny me and have to reapply and pay the fees again! This process has been stressful and it's been impossible to find the answer to this question so I am hoping someone has been in this situation and can help. Thank you ? 

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You can go on to get the missing prerequisites. California will accept them. My cousin endorsed from Virginia and was told by the California Board to go on straighterline to complete Microbiology and the lab. The classes are very inexpensive.


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