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HELP, returning to work as RN after 6 years off.

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Advice needed. Just returned to work last fall after staying at home with kids for 6 years. I had only been a nurse for 5 years when I decided to stay home. I did have a month of full time orientation. I'm only working one day a week right now in a PACU, which is where I worked before I quit. I think my brain is still in kid mode. Having a hard time getting into nursing again. We see all types of inpatients and outpatient procedures in this PACU. Lots of ICU cases, lots of peds patients, lots of trachs. I ask a lot of questions, but am feeling so stupid most of the time. Has anyone else had a hard time returning to nursing after a long break??


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I haven't left nursing for more than a couple of months yet but I can absolutely tell you that I am SURE that I would have a hard time returning after a number of years off. You just lose so much of that stuff when you aren't doing it every day. I even find now that areas that I am not exposed to frequently start to get fuzzy and I have to read up on them. Give yourself some time and just keeping asking questions. I personally find it helpful to read materials so maybe you can find a current journal (AORN) or textbook that would refresh your memory?

Good luck! :nurse:

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