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Help with resume!!!

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hi all! i will be graduating in november from an accelerated bsn program. i am trying to rearrange my resume so that it corresponds with my new career path as a registered nurse and need some help! i previously worked as a pharmacy technician for 2 &1/2 years and did a nurse extern program for the duration of my short summer break. i am having a problem with what information i should include in my resume, what information i should omit, and what i should alter. i have read posts saying that you should include clinical experience but i am having a block as to what to put, should i just list the clinicals that i had (ex: med-surg, ob, psych, community health, etc) and the location in which i had them? include a description? if i could get some feedback on this, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!


to use skills acquired in previous occupations as a nurse extern and pharmacy technician in order to obtain a job position as a bsn prepared registered nurse.


school name, school location(expected graduation: november 2010)

bachelor of science degree in nursing (accelerated bsn program)

dean's list
: fall 2009, spring 2010, summer 2010

first bachelor degree school name, school location(graduated may 2007)

bachelor of arts & science degree; major: biology, minor: spanish

dean's list
: spring/ fall 2004, spring 2005

clinical experience

related work experience

hospital name
august 2010

nurse extern- hospital location

administered oral, subcutaneous, and intravenous piggy back medications, along with medications through percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes, under the supervision of a registered nurse

provided ethical and unbiased nursing care to each assigned patient on the medical-surgical floor

documented assessment data and medication administrations into the computer alongside a registered nurse

interpreted pertinent lab results for assigned patients, corresponding each with medication orders and treatments prescribed by the physician

other work experience

october 2008- present

pharmacy technician- hospital location

prepare and dispense 24 hour supplies of medication orders to all patients in the hospital

stock and inventory pyxis machines on the hospital floors in order to keep an accurate account of the medications stored in them

assist the pharmacist in arranging medication orders and assuring that they are delivered to the correct hospital unit and to the correct patient

retail pharmacy
february 2008- january 2009

pharmacy technician- pharmacy location

efficiently and accurately entered prescription orders and patient information into the computer through intercom plus.

counted, labeled, and dispensed the correct medication to patients under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.

maintained an awareness of changes and updates in the pharmaceutical field that pertain to medications taken by patients and inform them of any updates.

store name
january 2007- december 2007

beauty consultant - location

reviewed the daily store assignment sheet and tracked the daily selling goal hourly so that the progress was noted and changes could be made in the selling process in order to meet the goals.

actively interacted with clients by greeting them and by helping them with their purchases so at the end of the day the client experienced an exceptional visit and the store met the daily quota.

may 2006- august 2006

student laboratory research technician- hospital location

prepared and presented a scientific experiment to laboratory members on the protein c gla domain to demonstrate its role in phospholipid binding and protein to protein interactions.

learned and demonstrated techniques on how to grow cell cultures which was vital in succeeding experiments to determine how each mutation contributes to the blood coagulation cascade.

certifications and skills

basic life support for healthcare providers (cpr & aed)

microsoft office


i have in red some of the things that i was unsure about.... as you can see, i need a lot of help! any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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