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Hi Guys ,I just came across this forum and i must say this is a great forum , lots of advises from the practicing nurses as well as from fellow prospective nurses (such as myself). So now to the purpose of creating this topic, I'm interested in having a career as a practicing nurse and so I've been in contact with colleges offering diploma courses in practical nursing and i was told that i would have to take a mandatory pre-admission test before gaining admission for the PN course. The exam consists of the following subjects : English %65 , Maths 70%, Bio 60%and Chemistry 60% . I've decided to start preparing for the exams even though the exams are months away (the earlier the better right ?) however I've never written a pre-admission exam so i really don't know where to start or just how much maths and chemistry would be involved in this exam (these subjects aren't really my strong points), so i would appreciate some advice from people who've been in the same situation as myself (i'm guessing about 90% of forum members here) , also one of the colleges suggested i get the book

"The Complete Preparation Guide -Health Occupations Entrance Exams" and use that to prepare for the exams , so i would like to know if there are any other books /online resources you guys could recommmend for me . I would really appreciate your suggestions.

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I recommend you get the book and study it. If you feel you still have knowledge gaps, get another book. No point in buying multiples if one will do. Have not taken the test, but in our area it is a generalized test on a high school level. If you have to, go to the public library and check out books on chemistry. By the way, math is singular (not maths).