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Hi, this is wonderful site.

I need help with this.

I want to do the Ec Rn program at home. I dont know if should trust ppl from ebay to buy guides or just sign contract with chancellor's for all the guides i need....

Is chancellors good to buy or what should i do?

I really would like u ladies and gent's help

orrnlori, RN

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I've bought lots of books and study guides from ebay for all sorts of supporting reference materials. I've never had a problem, sometimes you have to be patient until a particular guide comes available but I've bought without any problems whatsoever from multiple sellers. It does require some trust among strangers. I'm not an RN student at EC but I've bought some materials to take some EC tests which are given credit by my school. It takes real dedication to study on your own without guidence, but it can be done. I guess is just depends on your comfort level.


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I am doing the EC ADN program with study guides from DLSI. The guides are a little less than professional at times (typos, incorrect quiz answers, etc) but they get the job done. I have three 'A's" so far, in Microbi, Social Gerontology and Developmental Psych. I haven't used Chancellors but know they are very popular. As for ebay, I use it quite often for other reference materials, just one caveat...make sure you are buying the actual study GUIDE, and not just the person's own notes. A lot of people make CDrom copies of their course notes and sell them on ebay. I don't know if I would want to trust someone elses notes to pass a course. Good luck!:)


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I Have Started With The Chancellor's Program Recently And Find That It Takes Alot Of Concentration And Dedication. However If You Have The Determination You Can Do It. The Study Guides Come With Cassette Tapes For You To Listen To Also. Hope This Helps You.:)

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