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Any suggestions would be welcome. I am a RN, BSN myself but my speciality is adult Psych. This is my first child so I am learning as I go. My son is 2yrs. old on 2/1/04. Since yesterday evening this started, he had 1 BM very loose but not watery, yellow, foul smelly. I changed him last night & figured maybe just upset stomach as he ate & drank okay yesterday. Today he has eaten nothing at all. He has been drinking pedialyte perhaps 27oz. so far today but he has had 6X EXPLOSIVE, very watery, yellow, foul smelling diarrhea. No vomiting or any other symptoms. He is worn out however from going throught this today. I tried to call the numer given on my Peds answering service to speak with the RN on call but it seems the # listed on the service was the wrong #....I will call the office in the morning as they have hours 10A-12N. In the meantime I am wondering if anyone has any idea if there is something more I can be doing for my son. I am already watching for dehydration & pushing the pedialyet as much as I can get him to take. ANY help or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.


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