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Help picking clinical site please

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Hi, I am a pre- nursing student . I am going to be entering into my first semester of clinicals in the fall, and my school lets us give them a preference of the site and floor we would want to be on. If anyone could help me in the decision it would be greatly appreciated. these are the choices

1.Regan 6 South medical/surgical, St. Joseph Hospital, Thursday 7 to 1 PM

2. 5300 Oncology, St Barnabas... Medical Center, Friday 7 to 1 PM

3.M1 Orthopedics, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Thursday 7 to 1 PM

4.M1 Orthopedics, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Friday 7 to 1 PM

I just want to make the right choice

What one would you choose and why? I just want to learn the most I can. The goal of my first semester I beleive is to observe vitals.

Thanks so much,


I would do the med/surg unit just because you learn a lot from a medical/surgical unit. It also helps you learn the basic information which then you can bring into other units. I did two semesters of nursing school in med/surg and I loved both of them. Med/surg is a good way to start nursing school. That is what I would pick.