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Greetings All Nurses !

I`ve just started to find job in US(I am foreign educated nurse).And have no idea what I should include in my resume,`couse never did it before..

I`ve been working in ICU/CCU - 4 years,

ER - 2 years,but another country(Ukraine)...What does resume should include ??What details?

I would appriciate any tips, recommendations,advices concerning finding job and resume..

Thank you in advance for yours kindly shared expirience.

Have a good day !!

Hi, I don't want to sound mean or anything but if you go to a library you should be able to look at several books on who to write up a resume. As to what to include list what kind of duties you did ie. draw arterial blood gass, worked with swans, types of pt's you've cared for in the past. try something like " was responsible for total patient care of multisystem failure patients". good luck!

John , Thank you very much for advice!Actually I`ve visited library.And,as for me, have read too much different stuff concerning resume..So that I completly dissapointed what to include to it :eek: :confused: -- i`ve read too much.

Most difficult part - duties.Becouse there are a lot of differencies between two systems..Should I write that I can mesure blood pressure or place the foley catheter ,for example??At home I MUST be able to do it after graduating from nursing school...So those skills never have been asked during interview(we dont use resume) :p

My questions are mostly about what skills resume should include..All literature from library don`t answer this question :(

Could you give me any additional tips?

Thank you in advance

list the type of patients that you have caredfor inthe past.surgical medical,list what the job entailed. most places will asume that you can do basic nursing functions like foleys, vital signs. start out with: worked in a icu my duties include: seting up arterial lines helping with insertation of swan ganz cath. monitoring pulmonary wedge pressure,ect.doing cardiac output. caring for pts. on ventilators,ect.

List your additionl education,like A.C.L.S or if you have your CCRN. Do not worry to much about it. If they want to know specifics they will ask you, good luck !

I agree with John William. List the types of patients you have worked with and the places you have worked. The person will probably ask you more specific questions during your interview. I myself am not sure what basic skills you must be able to do when you graduate from a nursing school outside of this country, so your employer may not either.

Another idea for sample resumes is on your computer. Most Word programs have a template, which is like a skeleton resume. Then you just fill i your info. This is what I have always used. Most hospitals around here don't want a resume. They want only an application filled out, then they bring you in to ask more specific questions as far as your experience goes.

Good luck! Where are you from, by the way?


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