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Help! need tips on time management in medical surgical floor!


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Just walked out of my ward

Started two IV lines, received 1 patient from casualty, received a post operative patient on q1hourly monitoring, administered oral medications for more than 4patients, kept informing the first call regarding a high stoma output, called all the wards within our department for a sterile feed bottle to restart NJ feeds, magnesium sulphate dressing q4jourly, heparin for almost all my patients, night billing and attending everyone's need! What not? Sorry, forgot to include recordings and so much more! I gave in my dinner time too! Its not that I am not enjoying but just want to know why is it all so demanding? When I was a student I always had time for everything. But now after doing every possible thing out there, I am just not contented! Want to cheer up! Please do share some practical tips especially on time management. Thank you for your patient listening.


Has 2 years experience.

This is a floor where you always feel like you are drowning and live for the slower days. We've had so many crazy nights the slow ones are like a treat to us. I don't know how to give time management skills as I am still new as well. But I have found being independent I just plan my day by the patients acuity. There have been days where I do not eat and I can not do that so I just take a break no matter what and eat. Even if it is only a 5-10 minute one.