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I am a new nurse manager of a 20 bed ICU and the nurses are long term 20 + yrs in the same unit. we dont have competency check lists to check their skills. I am in need of any ideas thanks

I have managed both inpt and outpt oncology areas...the inpt was pretty much set by the hospital aside from what I felt the nurses needed in the way of oncology knowledge and chemotherapy administration...

on the outpt side, JCAHO standards also had guidelines, Oncology Nursing Society, etc...

What about standards for intensive care nursing...? Are any of the nurses certified and perhaps your national specialty nursing society may be of help...

There was a one-page article in Nursing Management Sept, 1997 "Reorganizing Competency Programs by McAnnally and Barnett which also give some great guidelines in regards to a needs assessment and other essential elements related to education and review...hope that helps!


Any nursing schools nearby? Each skill requires a competency check-off as a part of

the hands-on training. E.g., preparing an intramuscular injection for administration using Z-track has a steplist pages long (just kidding). Seriously, see what they are using and modify it to your needs. Why reinvent the wheel?

Good luck!


We developed a form that attaches to the yearly performance appraisal.The checklist is based on the standards of the Canadian Assoc of Critical Care Nurses (I'm sure the ACCN has a similar set of standards :0)). As well, in our unit we do a set of yearly certifications such as ICP monitering, PA Catheter management, Pacmakers etc. Hope this helps, if you want to know more, contact me at [email protected]

There down-loadable examples of competency check lists and performance appraisals, including examples for the ICU at

You'll need to register at the site but again, it's free and worth it.

There are many other resources and examples there as well. It's really a great site and has been very helpful to me!

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