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help....need advice...quick

by RVMI73 RVMI73 (New) New

hello lads...i'm just want to ask some quick advice on how to get my self confidence back eversince i failed the defib study 2x..i cannot concentrate anymore:o..i'm feeling down and think my yrs and yrs of nursing experience are gone:trout:..pls do help and give me advice to pass this study third time..quick reply pls..i want the more ideas as possible..


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Have you tried internet studies? I don't know if it is meds, strips, algorithms, or what that is giving you problems, but go to www.dogpile.com and type in ACLS preparation. Dogpile is a meta search engine and will return tons of sites for you to check. If you have a good study pal that you trust, have him/her run you through your megacodes. Whatever, don't freak. This happened to me sixteen years ago when I was going through a divorce and was about to leave the area where I'd lived for 40 years. I'd passed all of it before, and certifications for other things besides, and had never failed anything. My confidence was really shaken. When I relocated, of course it was mandatory for my new ER position that I have ACLS. I self-studied, took it, and passed it. I thought I was going to collapse before it was over, but I didn't.

Hang in there! My Mother used to say, "winners never quit, and quitters never win."

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