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I am a first year nursing student and I am writting my first ncp. I need some help with my NANDA. Can I write:

Risk for impaired skin integrity R/T thinning of the skin and physical immobilization due to extrem age

My pt is way past 85 and spends most of the time in a wheelchair.

Thanks for your help.

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Okay…is your patient in a wheel chair because of his/her age or for other reasons? For this Dx. I would write:

Risk for Impaired Skin Integrity r/t immobility.

Did you check labs? How is your patient’s albumin levels? Perhaps you can have the same statement but with r/t immobility and decreased albumin levels.

I think there is too much in your Dx. I hope this helps.


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I have been thinking about it and I agree with you. To much in the DX!

My pt has Parkinson's and I believe that is what's causing the immmobility.

So I changed it to:

Risk for impaired skin integrity R/T immobilty secondary Parkinson's

Thanks for the help!


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Risk for impaired skin integrity r/t to immobility should be fine.

Then in your objective data you should right pt has hx of Parkinson's. Pt noted on wheel chair most of the day. Etc