HELP!!! MSN Nurse Admin Goal Statement


Can anyone help me with my goals statement to apply for for MSN in Nurse Administration. I'm not very good at this... Here is a little bit of background...I am currenly the Pediatric Nuse Care Team Manager and I think this degree would really benefit me in the current position I am in, also our DON position will open soon and I am thinking about applying for that as well, but not totally sure yet. I work in a clinical setting with a nursing staff of 21. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

Here is what I have so far...

Coming from a small, rural town, I've been able to witness hard work at its best. Farming, ranching and manual labor jobs are vast in my home town. I learned many skills while growing up, from cleaning the barn, to tossing pizzas at my first job when I was 16 to pressing my dad's police uniforms. I come from hard-working, educated parents that have instilled into me their great work ethic. I have been an RN for four years, working primarily in an acute, adult setting. Today, I am currently the Pediatric Nurse Care Team Manager, and our facility is committed to serving those of Native American descent. I am committed to serving those of Native American descent now and hopefully, for the rest of my career.

If you had told me upon completing my BSN program that I would become a Pediatric Nurse Care Team Manager I think I would have chuckled. I had absolutely no interest in pediatrics and my pediatric clinicals in school were very vague, I've primarily worked with adults the first few years of my career, floating very minimally to pediatrics. However, I was placed in the pediatric nurse care team manager role temporarily starting the month of January, which has now turned into a permanent role for me. I love my new role, every aspect of it; the kids are fabulous, the pediatrician I work with is amazing and my nursing staff is stellar. I look forward to work each and every day.

My current professional goal is to become the best nurse care team manager I can be. This means being able to apply knowledge of nursing and the business model of health care to my current practice. As a nurse administrator I will be able to provide quality and cost-effective health care, serve as an important role within human resources for nursing staff within pediatrics, develop and carry out plans of change effectively, and to just be a leader in nursing that is able to collaborate with others and promote positive changes within our health care facility policies. I am applying the University of _____ Nurse Administrator program to aid in my inexperience as a current nurse manger and help me develop the skills needed in being an effective, competent nurse manager.

Obtaining my RN is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I love being a nurse every day, and I couldn't imagine my career being anything else than in nursing. It would be an honor to be accepted into the University of ____'s Nurse Administrator program, and would open the road to the next greatest accomplishment of my career.


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Several years later, I am reviewing this and it looks great to me. I have to do a personal statement for my MSN Program that I have already started. I assume the instructor wants us to look back on this paper before graduation to see how far we have come. Thank you!