HELP! Malpractice coverage lapse



So I just found out I had a pretty huge gap in my . It's my fault for not looking closely at the policy date and fee like an imebcile. I am hoping anyone here can give me some advice.

So backstory. I applied for RN malpractice at NSO in Jan 2019 (super cheap like $49). Then when I was able to work an an NP, I got occurrence malpractice insurance August 2019 and paid a premium of $600 (new grad rate). I ASSUMED just like the RN malpractice that from the date I applied, that I would have coverage for 1 year since my effective date would be August 2020.

Fast forward to today, when I had free time, I thought "hmm I should go renew my coverage, it's almost due". My eyes dropped when I saw that my policy wasn't active. I went back into my email and reread the certificate and it said I my policy started Jan 2019 and ended Jan 2020. And I thought THAT CAN'T BE. I LITERALLY APPLIED in August and have the application to prove it. Somehow they must have used my RN application instead of my NP.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?! If I reapply for malpractice coverage, is there a way I can pay additional premiums to cover those 8 months that I didn't have coverage?