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Hi, I completed one year in the RN program, however, I failed a course in Dec 2008. I tried to re-do the course in Jan 2009 semester but they only allow 32 students and there was no room so I waited for this september 2009 spot. I recently got the news that there is no space to re-do that course in september 2009 either, so basically I would have waited a year if I continue to wait for January 2010 semester to redo the course in RN program.

So, I started to think of my options. I applied for the LPN program at a community college in my town. I figured I would do the 12month LPN course and then work for a bit and get my own place and then do the LPn-access program later on to become a RN. I was wondering if this is the right way to go or just keep waiting for the RN program spot to re-do that one course. My friend ahead of me has failed a course and she has been waiting a year and half and there is no guarantee as of when there would be a spot to re-do that course, and I am afraid to just keep waiting and waiting and not get anywhere. Please let me know what you think! Thanks alot!


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I am trying to figure out the same thing. I got accepted to Concord for lvn but thats all you

get out of it is LVN. I live in San Diego though so wait time for LVN or RN is out of control! It

doesn't look as though the job market is too good for LVN so maybe hold out for your RN if you are

already on your way there. Who knows?

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