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Hi everyone.

I am a current student at Lehman college and I wanted to get in to their program this fall but now that's not looking like a possibility. I am freaking out right now because i don't know what to do. I just took my HESI exam this past Saturday and my scores were, A&P: 80 Reading: 90 Math: 94 and Critical Thinking: 780. My science GPA thus far is a 3.8(taking final pre-req Orgo, this semester) and i have an cumulative of 3.6 or 3.7. I went to the nursing department today to inquire about my low critical thinking score and they told me that they want at least an 800 on that part, the lady told me to still submit an application but i know that my chances are probably slim to none now. Is there anybody thats in the program or know anyone in the program that might be able to tell me if I'm definitely out of the running? if so, i would probably consider transferring. i had gotten accepted to the NYU school of nursing this past summer but its just too expensive and i can't get financial aid. any good inexpensive school you would suggest i apply to ?

Thank you in advance.

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To be honest, I don't think you'll get in this year. I applied last year with a 3.7 and 760 on the CT and they sent me a rejection notice citing I needed an 800 or above for the CT. Try retaking it, but I wouldn't ask the Lehman nursing dept. I tried last year and they told me I could take it once.



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I know people that got in with a 780. If you do not make it then it is not the only nursing school.. trust me you will probably get a better experience at a different school! Your grades are great! You work so hard to get in only to be put down by the staff and professors in the program. Everything is outdated. Its ridiculous. Stay positive and goodluck!