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Hi every one, I just recived an invitation for interview with Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia, is there any one that has interviewd at this school that can give me few pointers. The school told me to perpare for clinical questions mostly with monitors and vents. Any sujestions will be appericated. Could you also tell me how long the interview was.

Thanks every one.


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I have not interviewed at MTSA (I will apply there next year) but one of the nurses in my- ICU interviewed there last year. She there were about 8-10 people in the room interviewing her but that they tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible. She also said the clinical questions weren't that hard....I remember they asked her what she would do if her patient suddenly had no breath sounds on one side. They asked a few questions about dopamine and levophed and what she would do if her patient suddenly became hypotensive. The rest of the time was spent on why she wanted to go to school and how she planned to manage it financially. When I shadowed there and toured the campus last year, the students told me to make sure that if you put on your application that you work with certain gtts a lot, you need to know about those drugs b/c they will focus on them. Good luck in the interview...hope this helps a little.



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I'll be interviewing at MTSA on Jan. 20. Thanks for asking the question - I'll be watching this thread. There's another one started on MTSA as well.


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