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Help! Interview in haemodialysis!

by TooManyPets4me TooManyPets4me (New) New

Hi there,

My first post on here, I've been reading the forum since I started my nursing career a few years back. I'm in another country, and there are no real forums that cater so well for nurses.

Anyway. I'm a grad, and almost about to finish my year. I've started looking for roles, and applied for dialysis, and got an interview, stoked.

The ad asked for experienced nurses, and I read it as,"you will experience," and not "you will be experienced." I applied for it. I re-read the ad after I got sent an email requesting an interview time, spoke with the unit manager and she said,"no it's fine, we will train you up anyway."

I have had some exposure to the machines, not actually using the machine itself, but I had a study day on renal, setting up the machine etc. So I guess that's a bonus.

I researched the unit itself, so there's a tick. But my question to fellow nurses is, what kind of interview questions should I expect from the interviewer? The interview is in a week, and I thought I'd start preparing now.