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Hi everyone, this is my second year at V.C.U. I had a major in Biology but now my major is pre-nursing. I have to take three classes for the spring semester before I can apply for nursing school. I would like to graduate with a BSN from there. However I heard that there nursing program was pretty hard to get into. Does anyone know of any good schools where I can get a BSN just in case I don't get inat VCU/MCV? I would like to know of VA schools as well as others.

Do you know of any schools that are recruiting and paying people to go into their nursing program?

Hi. my name is Brooke. I am in the BSN program at John Tyler through ODU. I just finished up Pre-Nurse and I am taking my NLN this Saturday, I will be starting the RN program in the Summer 04 semester and they have it set up so you can glide right through from ASN to BSN seamlessly. They have a very good program, but they also have a waiting list. However, I doubt if it is as long as MCV. I too planned on going to MCV, but cost and time were big issues for me as a single parent. I do plan on transfering to MCV after I receive my BSN from ODU, I would like to go on to pursue a MSPA. You can check out their program at:

John Tyler

Hope this helps! Feel free to email me, if you like:

[email protected]

:D Brooke


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I should be finishing my LPN 05/04 and plan to go onto a RN program in the fall of 2004. I have the choices of Bonsecours, or VCU if I get in. The nurses I work with state that a Diploma program is a waste of time and that I should go straight into a BSN program, but if the competition is too hard then I would have no choice, but to go to a diploma program since their classes work well with my work schedule. Bonsecours has a LPN to RN program and I got a wonderful vibe from their recruiter, but at VCU they were very discouraging.

Has anyone else heard about the hospitals now going to mostly BSN RN's ?




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Well I am somewhat in your situation..I was reviewing VCU program because I am interested in attending. However I am currently completing the required courses and requesting the application. I am looking to relocate to the area. Any other surrounding schools that you know of ????


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There is Old Dominion for an RN to BSN program. John Tyler CC and J. Sargeant Reynolds offer an ASN. Unfortunately the Richmond area is a bit limited for nursing programs so I would just apply to as many as possible and see what turns up.

Some schools will let you work on some of your prereq's while in their nursing programs, but some of the schools have waiting lists so I would apply and then if you get on their waiting list at least it gives you time to work on other classes.

I hope this helps a bit. I would like to relocate out of Virginia because they are getting a bit flooded with Nurse Practitioners and the shortages are in thea areas of med surg, so the choices are a bit limited of where you would like to specialize.

Have you considered other states?


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