Help I have to retake Microbiology!!

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Ok my question is for anyone who got into or recently graduated from a seattle area nursing school, could I get in with a withdrawl from one class and a repeat from another? What school would allow me to enter? What schools wont. Please tell me specific school names so that I can now aim for those school because I want to apply for 2010 school year.


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w-t-f, don't be lazy, just apply everywhere to increase your chances. i got into UW with 4 W's on my transcript, granted, they were all in the beginning when I first started college, but I still had them!

obviously having W's on your transcripts isn't going to help you anywhere you apply, but what can you do about it? nothing!

places that use a point system like highline CC I don't even think look at things like W's or Retakes. They just add up the points you got in the classes that they require for their program

Thanks, Im not lazy btw, I plan to just retake the micro class and apply everywhere.


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word to the wise - some schools look down on re-taking a class. Many of the best ADN programs do not take re-takes lightly. (Everett CC is one) choose carefully - especially if your grades in the other science classes are good. those are the only grades that matter- the sciences. good luck!

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I think some of these people are making a big deal out of having to re take a course. Microbiology is critical to your job as a nurse but taking the course the second time will be easier and should not affect your getting into school as long as your overall GPA is good. I had to repeat anatomy and it did not affect my getting into school. All they wanted to see was that I had passed the course.

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I think Shoreline, Lake Washington Tech, Seattle U, and UW are okay with taking classes for a second time. I think Skagit and Tacoma are okay with it as well.

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Also, I'm not sure where you're living, but I heard a rumor that Micro at Seattle Central is actually not too bad.


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Micro at Seattle Central totally kicks butt, actually. Highly recommended; great teacher.

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