HELP!!! I have a Preceptor From HELL


HELP!!! I have a Preceptor From HELL:

I've been on the job for over a month home health wound care and with each evaluation it's getting worse to the point of my preceptor is slandering me, when were out in the field it's oh your doing great keep doing what your doing etc but when we have our weekly evaluations she is stating I'm not following orders for dressing changes when we both clearly agree what to use with the choices on the order and states I'm copying previous assessments just because I looked back in patients history to see if they wear glasses? or partials or dentures OMG!!.:eek:

I really need this job and my supervisor for wound care stated I could switch to a different team and preceptor and I would have a new supervisor but eventually I would still end up having the same patient as her at some point. I really think it's personal or something is wrong in this woman's personal life I want to go to the medical surgical team but now with her evaluations I'm doomed she's got my current supervisor afraid to transfer me to the other team this person is pure evil, I want to prove her wrong by being evaluated by someone else, I'm afraid if I get one of her patient's she'll make up something so grievous that I'll lose my license what would you do.:confused:

Please be nice I lost a loved one last night.