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Help, I need a preceptor!!


Would there be any RN's out there willing to precep me in February? I need someone who is located in chicago (or outlying suburbs) or Northern Indiana. I am in LPN school and will be finishing my last class this month. I need to do 90 hours within the month. It doesn't matter what shifts or dates or what field the RN is in. The criteria is that the RN has to have had his/her license for 3 consecutive years. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Have you tried contacting any of the hospitals in your area to see if they have a nurse willing to precept? Which area of nursing are you interested in?

I want to go into home health and specialize in wound care/colostomy care. I have tried some hospitals and nursing homes but it is difficult because a nurse must be willing to take you on personally. I don't know of any personally. I figured it was a long shot posting on here but anything is worth a try!


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Did you find a preceptor?

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