HELP! I need a nursing leader!


Hi all! I desperately need a nursing leader for a project my class is working on. Basically, this nursing leader (male or female, black white, purple or green--I don't care!) should either be the Dean of a college/school of nursing, hold a political office/chair, or write for a nursing journal.

I have to send them a quick question list, where questions about their influences, career, degree, experiences, etc will be asked. It is a short question list. I need it to be returned to me by Jan. 10th at the very latest via email. I know the holidays are coming up very quickly, so I wanted to post this on here to see if any nursing leaders reading this might be interested.

Also, the last thing--I have to have their name, position, and where they work-- such as Susan G. Smith, DON, Hospital X--because this person is a "public figure." I also need a copy of their resume and cover list. If this is you, please can private message me so we can exchange info.....such as my name, my school, etc. Thanks.

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Wish I could help but I'm just a run of the mill floor nurse. I hope you have plenty of time, you sound kind of rushed. It should be pretty simple to approach a DON at some facility in your town or reach the Editor of a Nursing journal. I hope it goes well. Meeting someone locally might net you a job later on.


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Somehow I doubt that you will find many nursing leaders with the specific qualifications that you have defined lurking around the nursing forum.

You need to contact nursing schools, hospitals, etc. and ask if there is anyone there willing to help you. If you wait and hope for someone on this forum to have those qualifications you might end up not getting your project done in time. Get on the phone and start calling now before it's too late.

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