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Help, I am changing careers and I am looking for a new job for while I am school. I would like to be a Dialysis Tech but I am having a horrible time. Davita is pretty big in our area (flint area) but I have been getting the run around from them. I left many messages for the recruiter and when I finally got ahold of her she says she really does not know alot about the positions and if they are still open or not. When you call the actual location that has an opening they refer you to her. this is so frustrating. anybody know how i can help the situation?

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I am sorry to say I have no help for you. I just wanted to say hi because I was born and raised in Flint! Nice to see someone else from my area on here. Where do you go to school? I took a year of pre-reqs at Mott and was on their waiting list but relocated to Georgia instead. Just wanted to say hi - Sometimes I get homesick so I read the Michigan Forums for a pick me up!

Good luck to you on your job search!!


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Hey Kris:

I repeat, I got a promotion


Now I have to find a replacement.

Currently a DON in a facility near Brighton.

How about Washtenau Dialysis Center? (oops spelling)


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I work in brighton right now. where are you located? I would do anything for a job. If you could help, I would love you long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I sent you pm info on this. Let me know what you think:)

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