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Help, I need good advise...

by tatiana68 tatiana68 (New) New

Hi everyone, I'm writing because I'm in need of some sound advise. I hope that I'm using the right thread on here as I have never posted anything before and am unfamiliar with this site. I have completed all of my prerequisites and have just taken the NLN. My heart sunk when I saw my score of 96. Perhaps I didn't study hard enough, or perhaps my heart was palpitating out of my chest as I nervously read and answered my timed questions. Regardless, I do not know what path to take from here... I am currently taking intermediate algebra and literature to help boost my current 2.65 GPA and better my math skills. As you see, my GPA is low, I received a 96 on the NLN, I received a B in A&P 1 and a C in Lab, and I got C's in Micro and Lab. I do not know where to go from here. My scores are not well at all and I want to work as a nurse. I was a CNA for 4 years and I worked along side some of the finest nurses. I know that I can do the work. I have always had difficulty in school, even as a child. I'm enrolled in IRSC in Fort Pierce. What should I do? Is my score high enough for LPN program? Do they take my NLN score or do I take a different test for the LPN program? My limited access information page on my college website states that I received a total of 115 points. If anyone has some advise for me, please, I'd love to hear from you... Tatiana