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Help, I can't decide... continue on in my Entry-level Masters program or not??


Hey everyone, thanks for reading...

So I have been going back and forth on this issue pretty much for the last year. I am currently in an entry-level masters program and about to get my BSN in December. I have the option to quit then and pursue a job (I want to work in the NICU or in peds.) OR to just keep going and get my MSN and PNP in 18 more months. The thing is, I'm not sure I WANT to be an NP.. I have no experience in a hospital besides clinical rotations, and worry that I should have experience working before getting my NP. And I'm not sure that I want the autonomy of an NP or like that kind of role. I feel like I SHOULD continue and just get the NP since I'm already in the program, I don't have kids yet, it will make me more hireable, even as just an RN, I will make more money, I might need a doctorate if I decide to wait and pursue NP later in life, and I just feel like I might regret it later on down the line if I quit now. BUT I'm tired of school- I did 4 years in my 1st B.A. degree, then 2 years of prereqs., then 16 months in nursing school. What do you guys think?? And would I be able to get a job as an RN anywhere part time as a new grad so I could at least work while getting my PNP? In the PNP part, I'll be having class 2 days a week for 6 months, then class plus clinicals the rest of the time. I couldn't do a new grad program in a hospital since those are usually 4-5 days a week. Would it be stupid to quit my program after getting the BSN?? Any comments and insight will be MUCH appreciated, I don't know what to do!