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HELP! How do you do a psychosocial


nursing careplan on an aphasic patient who is awake but unresponsive to tactile and verbal stimuli????:uhoh3: :crying2:

the same way you do on an admission...N/A

or you can put how many visitors and family placement/ age in life related to illness and isolation effects on pt due to not being able to communicate..... run with it!

HappyNurse2005, RN

Specializes in LDRP.

-do they have family/friends to visit?

-do they stay at home all day or do they have any sort of outside activities (church, etc) that they participate in

-how long have they been aphasic? is this new?

-do they have a recent former life they can no longer participate in? (child rearing, working, etc)

-you say that htey are non responsive-is this normal, or just recent?

there is a lot to go with. social is obviously impaired. could be depressed, ineffective coping, etc

good luck

love, rose

My pt. past week has been aphasic and unresponsive for about two years she is 78 and has had multiple strokes along with many other complications. My problems was coming up with measurable realistic goals for a psychosocial Care plan. She had one visitor the entire time. However I had a conversation with the family member so I based a Hopelessness careplan on that. Hope it works...and I am measurable enough LOL!!!:p

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