HELP!! HESI A2 advice


I am taking my HESI A2 exam in a month and a half and just wondered what you all used to study with? I know a lot of people said "Oh I didn't even have to study and passed" Well I don't have that kind of confidence in myself quite yet so I am begging for any advice you all have to give. I am nervous about the science portions even though I've taken most of the nursing prereqs in the past 2 years. I'm just nervous I'll forget something or not remember it the way I should have. As silly as it sounds grammar is another area I'm nervous about. I thought I was ok with sentence structure and so forth but judging on my past practice exams, I suck! So what material did you all use and what kind of questions should I be prepared to answer? (NO I'm not asking for actual test questions) Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help me out!!

I know there is a specific study guide by HESI for the A2 test, I bought it at my CC's book store but I'm sure it is available at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. Most people I think study using the smart phone app now though, which has practice tests and content on it. Did you do well in your science courses? I know you say you don't have that confidence in yourself, but neither did I and I passed with an 86%. Literally studied maybe 2 hours from the study guide before taking the test. (I meant to study a lot earlier but we had a tragedy in our family a week before my test and had to travel out of state for a funeral) I really didn't find it to be a difficult exam like people make it out to be at all! Everything on it, at least in the science portions, I felt like I was pulling from my high school knowledge. Best of luck on your exam. Let us know how it goes.

I took the text a couple weeks ago and also got an 86% overall!! To be honest I really didn't study like I should have because I became so overwhelmed that I literally gave up. (stupid thing to do, I know) The only reason I went to take the test was because I had already paid the $55 and didn't want the money to go to complete waste. Thank God I went and I'm still in shock that I passed!!!