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help me grad 3 yrs ago n just starting out again!

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i always have worked in the medical field in some way since i can remember! I work for a dr now in private practice and she helped me get through school. I felt i need to stay with her since she paid. But now i have a son and a fam to think about! and have started to look into getting some hospital expernce. ITs been behoynd hard. I think i might be able to get ajob in L&D at a good paying hospital. i not sure if i should take it or not. I feel like it will be hard for me to get other jobs once i have only labor experence! when i was in school i like trama and icu. But now i wonder if i should take what ever just to get started? any adv? thanks

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NurseFairy has 4 years experience and specializes in MICU, Intermediate Care Unit.

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Perhaps you could apply for an ICU Fellowship. I know North Shore/LIJ has one and I believe other hospitals do as well. If that's the field you would like to work in, it's worth checking them out.

Best of luck!


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