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Help on getting into nursing school

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Hello all, I live in charlotte NC and have been going to CPCC I decided last year that i wanted to do nursing and changed my major to pre-nursing. I have a 3.0 overall gpa, and a 3.6 science gpa. I have taken the nurse aide class and have gotten my certificate but have not taken the nurse aide state exam or the teas test. I was wondering if anyone can give me advise on what is the best way for me to get into a nursing program in the charlotte area at this point. I have taken A&P 1 &2 microbiology, and chm 121 for my sciences. Any advise would be much appreciated. I am really passionate about becoming an nurse and really cant wait to get into a nursing program!!!

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Well it really depends on the school you're going to. I looked up a Charlotte nursing program - University of North Carolina of Charlotte. On their website, if you go to their degree programs and look at the BSN program, they have guidelines they have set out that they require new students to have. For example, for admittance, they want a 3.0 cumulative GPA on the last 2 semesters of coursework, A's or B's in Chemistry, Biology, and Nursing (Nutrition and Human Growth and Development), and only have one C in those classes, but can only have retaken the class once to earn a B.

These requirements are different for every school, but you would need to look into the school's you want to go to, to see what their specific requirements are. If you want to go to UNC Charlotte, you would need to take Biology and the Nursing courses before applying.

I don't see anywhere for that school where you would need to submit a TEAS score, but again, other schools in that area might require you too.

So far, I think your science GPA is very high, but would consider trying to bump up your cumulative one to 3.5 or so.

I hope I have helped you, and I hope you get in!

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I am considering UNCC for their BSN program. I currently have my associate in science and would rather not get another associate;ADN.

Looking over the curriculum for the upper division, it seems to me to be a huge course load.

Can someone who is currently in the UNCC BSN program give me some idea of how demanding this program is? Is it extremely difficult? What kind of time commitment are you giving to the program (hours studying)

Before I apply, I would really like to get an insider view of what I am setting myself up for.

I am a mom of 2 older teens and do have some extra time, however, I do need to make sure I take care of my family properly.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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