Help! FNP or PNP...


Having trouble deciding if I should go FNP route or PNP route.... 

I have been a pediatric nurse for about 3 years now but want to become more of a Healthcare Provider - hence why I am returning to school! 

FNP: I have interest in working with sexual health for adults (clinics, etc.) and aesthetics as well! But I have heard that landing a job as an FNP is difficult due to over-saturation of the market (I reside in Houston, TX). I love the broad job flexibility that an FNP provides! But hate the saturation I keep hearing about!

PNP: I would be going through a Primary Care NP Program as I want to get away from the hospital in-patient setting. I feel as though I would find a job easier as a PNP due to there being fewer PNP's than FNP's in the market. But I also would hate to limit myself to only pediatric care and not be able to work with adults in clinics or even branch to aesthetic potentially!

Help! What are all you's thoughts? Much appreciated!