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I have been searching online for patient care technician schools in Ga..the only thing Ive found so far is Everest in Jonesboro, and Medix in smyrna...I actually live in Lagrange, Ga...West Ga tech offers LPN and Patient Care Assisting(CNA)...I thought CNA and PCT were two different things...but all this searching Im doing it seems like they have the same job Im confused...I eventually want to be a nurse, but I need to gain experience in the meantime so I wanted to try CNA or PCT, leaning more towards PCT but finding it difficult to find a school... I dont mind a school near the Stone Mountain area, as I hv friends I can stay wth there to complete school, since I think the program is only a month, idk. Can someone just please give me some info on what a PCT is or if I would come out the same just doing the CNA program at West Ga Tech. Thank you so much for ur help. It is GREATLY appreciated! Here is the link to the west ga tech Patient Care Assisting (CNa) program

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PCT, and CNA are different in that PCT are 5 certificates in one

PCT is Phel, EKG, Wound Care, CNA, and most schools I think will give you CPR.

CNA is just CNA

most PCT course cost around 18k total, if you go to a school like Everest, cheaper if you go to a tech school. It last for around 8 months

CNA course is 1 month to 1.5 months - you can contact the state website and they will have a list of PCT programs.


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thank u so much...tht was very helpful :)


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just letting you know! I work as PCT without any type of PCT type school. I think most places will hire a cna or nursing student as a PCT. It was completely on the job training!


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Kennesaw State offers a PCT course through their continuing education program. I believe it's one day a week. I think you have to be a CNA first. Isn't it similar to medical assistant? I think you could go to Columbus Tech for medical assistant.

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