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Help! Failing MedSurg 1 at IvyTech!

Jesus4Me Jesus4Me (New) New

Hello to everyone who is reading this!

I am currently in my first semester of nursing school at IvyTech Fort Wayne campus. I am taking MedSurg1, Fundamentals, MedSurg1 Clinical, and Lab. I have all As in my other classes but I have an F in MedSurg1.

I already talked to my advisor and also the Dean about how this would push back my goal of becoming a nurse and they both told me that there are people from 2-3 semesters ago waiting for a seat in MedSurg1 and they never offer this course in the summer.

I hate that I am failing this class but there is no way to bring up my grade with school ending in 4 weeks. I just wanted anyone (I know it's hard to admit) that failed MedSurg1 about when they got to retake it and how far back did that push you from what you original graduation date.

Thanks ahead of time to all who posts!


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