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hello everyone,

im new to allnurses, so this is my first post =]. im currently finishing my undergrad this dec, but i can't decide which route to go to eventually become an np or cns. is it better to get a bsn first so i can start working and gain some experience before applying to master's programs? or would it be a better idea to go straight into direct entry msn programs?

so far, ive been accepted into samuel merritt and georgetown's absn programs. both start in january. however, im also applying to usf, csuf, columbia, ucla, yale, and usd for their master's programs. i won't hear back from these programs until april/may, so if i started a january program, i might be faced with a difficult decision in terms of finding out i get into one of these master's programs. my other option is becoming a cna or emt for 6-9 months and getting some additional experience while i wait to hear back from other programs.

is there a recommended route for 2nd degree applicants like me who want to eventually go for a master's?

after reading multiple threads, i decided to turn down smu's offer because of the bleak nursing job outlook for new grads in norcal. 55k is a lot of debt to graduate with if you can't find a job. i was considering going out of state to get my degree, because it sounds like there's more networking opportunities out there for landing a job. would it be too hard to come back to ca and work if i get licensed on the east coast though? if i go for an absn program, i could apply for ucsf's rn-master's program, so that's another possibility.

i would greatly appreciate any help/wisdom at all!

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