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Hey everybody. I am currently a BSN student, and will be graduating in April. I already know that I would like to pursue a MSN degree, I am just not sure which specialty to go into. My mom is a nurse who works under an anesthesiologist, so she deals with CRNA's also on a daily basis. She really pushes me to go that route. I have job shadowed several CRNAs, and I did find the work very interesting. However, I can't help but think I may also enjoy becoming a NP. I love science, and I am very good at it. In fact, those were the classes I enjoyed during nursing school, I didn't enjoy much of the nursing theory classes and the other "fluff" (as I refer to it) that went along with the nursing program. I often find myself more interested in the disease processes of my patients, rather than the nursing tasks I am performing. I'm always curious as to what going on in their body, and why the practitioners chose certain treatment options. This makes me lean more towards NP. I am afraid I would get bored being an NP however. In my area, most NP's work in primary care settings, and although I do consder myself a compassionate person, I really want to help the people who are very sick and really need the help, rather than listen to complaints. I think I may get bored with that. I have also heard that NP school also includes a lot of the "fluff," and that CRNA school has a more intense science curriculum. My favorite clinical in nursing school was med/surg thus far, and I think I will enjoy high acuity. Labor and delivery was neat for a couple of days, but it bored me. I hated psych, peds was all right (I don't mind working with kids, but didn't get to experience anythin exciting during that clinical, just a bunch of asthma and RSV), and I also did a quarter on a cardiology unit which was okay.

So I guess considering all of the above, what sounds right for me? I realize I need to work a couple of years before going in either direction, I am just so confused right now as to what seems like it would be a good fit. Or is there another option that I am not considering?

Any opinions would be appreciated. :)

the best thing I can tell you, since you are already gonna get some experience before going back, is go job shadow. shadow as many different types of advanced degree nurses as you can find. along with the specialties that you listed, there are many more (clinical leader, educator, neonatal, acute care, etc etc). look around at many universities and you will see what is offered.

good luck

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When I graduated nursing school I was amped up to go the CRNA route. I got my dream job in a Cardiovascular ICU and went through their fellowship. I loved it all. The hemodynamics, vents, etc. I thought for sure this job would be best for CRNA school prep (which it is), but then I became so interested in Cardiology and managing adult disease processes and learning and understanding how they affect the cardiovascular system. I'm now choosing to go the NP route. I'm applying to for Acute Care NP with a sub-specialty in cardiology. I'd like to work in the hospital, dream job working 3-12s in a CCU.

My point is that things change with your experiences. You may have a plan now to do CRNA or NP or to stay at the bedside but once you get out and work you'll find your place. Tons of NPs work in hospitals. I don't know why they don't near you but if you can relocate, nearly any job is available.

OMG BrittanyBSN I feel like I wrote this post every word you wrote I keep telling my friends. I am at a lost. My fear is getting bored. I want to get up and levae to go to work and be happy not stressed because I do not like it.

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