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Help!! Completely STRESSED OUT About GPA For UTA Nursing Program..

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Hello everyone! I would like tell all the pre-nursing students good luck and I hope you all get in! :yeah:

I'm applying to UT Arlington Spring 2011 program and I am scared to death! Now I know that when it comes to GPA the poole of students applying influences a lot but I am literally beating myself up when it comes to my grades and my expectations/goals.

My science grades:

AP 1 A/A

AP 2 B/B

MICRO - Taking this summer.


Are these grades good enough for the nursing program?:uhoh3:

They are somewhat good enough for me but the advisors are not that supportive and hearing current nursing students with a 4.0 is intimidating. Also, my family does not understand the pressure, stress, and difficulty of this program and they expect me to not have balance; I.e. Time with friends and have fun. My mom expects me to study 247 and if I'm stressed out I need to study harder. Ugh I'm sorry if I'm ranting...just have no one who an relate.

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Hi there,

I'm not sure about the traditional program. I applied for the AP program and was placed on the waiting list for the fall. As far as my grades for the above classes, I have all A's except for Chem, which is a B. I was really surprised I didn't get "in." Hoping/praying/crossing my fingers that a spot opens up, but I have already reapplied for both programs for the spring start. I asked my advisor about retaking classes, and she didn't act like that was the best thing to do... so I'm not sure. It's been very stressful and I never thought it would be so competitive!

Good luck!


Would you mind sharing both your science GPA and your pre-req GPA? That would paint a better picture for me. I would say your science grades are not that bad. I am confused by the chemistry. Did you get an A or a B?

I am heading into my second semester in the traditional program. At this point do not stress too hard. I know that is easier said than done but there is no longer anything you can do about your current application. Concentrate on doing well in micro, pharm and patho in case you do not get in.

What a bummer that your mom stresses you out. Try to talk to her. One thing I learned during my first semester is that you must take care of your needs. I know us nursing or pre-nursing students are quite committed to constant study but this method will work against you once you get in. During nursing school there is work for miles and its hard to step away to tend to our needs. We give up sleep, healthy diet, exercise and recreational/leisure time.

Try to focus on knowing your needs and developing a routine that will allow you to tend to yourself and study. If you try to go,go, go you will burn out by mid-semester and end up missing vital information. We did IV training at the smart hospital the week before spring break. I did not get much out of the lessons and have been scared to insert a real IV since.

Another thing you can do is start asking other people in the same application pool what their GPAs are if they do not mind sharing. I asked around a lot and many classmates had lower GPAs so that made me feel temporarily at ease.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the program.


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