Help choosing b/t 2 jobs


*Please let me know if there's a different sub I should post this to but I thought I'd start here*

I have been on the job hunt since passing my NCLEX in July, and have been applying to Nurse Residency Programs across the country. I have recently received two offers: Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore) and St Joseph Hospital (Denver). D/t covid, I don't have a clear specialty but I have always found the ICU interesting though I don't have any clinical experience. 

The Hopkins position is a rotating shift in the Neuroscience/Epilepsy monitoring unit and St Joes is nights in the IMC. I've met both nursing managers who were really nice and I find them both to have supporting environments. I'm originally from the West Coast, but went to college in the Midwest and have no problem relocating. However, they're obviously very different cities so I've been having trouble making a decision. I also don't have any friends in either city which is stressful but I know that once I start working I will hopefully find friends on the unit or within the hospital. 

If anyone has any advice for how you came to your decision when taking your first job or has any info on either of these hospitals it would be greatly appreciated!