Help choosing ACNP review material!


I just finished my ACNP program and am just getting ready to start studying for my ACNP boards. I've been looking for the best review option, since I will not be able to attend a live course, and I've gotten both the Fitzgerald review and the Barkley review recommended. So now I'm not sure which one would be the best choice. With that being said, I have two main questions:

1. Though both are expensive, the Fitzgerald is over $400 and is 22 hours vs. Barkley's $310 and 12 hours. I don't want to short change myself and am willing to pay the higher price, but wanted to know which one people thought was the most helpful and the best choice. Do the 10 extra hours of the Fitzgerald review cover more material or the same topics with just more detail?

2. Also, for anyone who has purchased the audio the books that accompany have the powerpoints or outlines in them? I'm more of a visual person and like looking at slides, etc when I'm listening. Fitzgerald has an online version with voice over powerpoints which seems to fit the bill, but you can only view each section twice which makes me nervous that I wouldn't have the option of further review.

Any advice you could provide would be so helpful!

Thanks! :)


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I am in the same boat as you. I am a FNP graduated 2009. I am working in acute care and just completed my post masters ACNP. I have both sets of review tapes for the FNP program and I honestly feel that the Barkley tapes are better. I do not know how much different the FNP tapes will be compared to the ACNP. I find the Barkley tapes are not as monotone.

I do not find there are to many review book for acute care like there is for FNP. What review books do you have?


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Thanks for your help! I actually don't have any review books yet, but i'll let you know if i get any suggestions.