[Help] CGFNS CES Professional Report questions

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Hello! Good day!

I have a few questions regarding the process of completing my CGFNS-CES Professional Report (for the state of Illinois) requirements:

1) Is there a specific paper size that I need to follow when printing out my CGFNS request forms?

2) In my Request for Academic Records/Transcripts form (picture), my telephone number is blank while in my Request for License form (picture), it isn't. Should I take the liberty to fill that out or should I leave it as it is?

3) Should I also send out an Illinois' CT-NUR form along with my Request for License form as suggested in this thread? https://allnurses.com/nurse-registration/help-illinois-rn-716336-post6624193.html#post6624193

Thank you so much. I already e-mailed CGFNS regarding these concerns, but I didn't get a response yet.

I just wanna make sure that everything goes well.

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