HELP! Bergen Community College OR Holy Name RN Program?!


I took the Hesi to get into Bergen Community College's RN program. My score was 82.33%, with a 4.0 GPA and all prereqs completed. I later got a rejection letter from them, as my Hesi score was too low.

A month later I took the Teas-V and applied to Holy Name Medical Center's RN program in Teaneck, NJ. My score was almost identical, an 82%.

Over the weekend I got an email from Bergen saying that someone dropped out and I am in.

Then today I got an email from Holy Name saying I've been accepted.


Bergen's Pros:


-BRAND NEW facility (literally, they just built a new building for medical students, it's sooooo beautiful)

-Close to home, about a 30 minute bus ride away

Holy Name's Pros:

-Set Schedule (3 days a week, primarily 9-3, so I can keep my part-time job)

-Almost all clinical are at Holy Name (which is also a hospital)

-If they like you, and you enroll in a BSN program before graduation, they will hire you as an RN.

-Extremely close to my home, I can walk there.

I am leaning toward Holy Name, but the new facility at Bergen is so amazing. Has anyone gone through either program and what do they think about each?




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what did you decide?


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Obviously super late to this post, but I've applied to both Holy Name and BCC nursing programs, I always just assumed I wouldn't get into BCC's as I hear they're extremely competitive, but I just got an acceptance into BCC and was wondering which route you took and if you're happy with your choice. I really don't know what to do because holy names scheduling is so much better but BCC is so much cheaper!

Any advice would greatly help!!!

Thank you!