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Help!! Applying for LMU Knoxville

Hi there, so I am going to be applying for the LMU accelerated Cedar Bluff program this January 2017 in hopes to get accepted for the Fall 2017 BSN program. I am currently finishing up my second year of pre reqs and will not be finished with all of the BSN requirements until summer 2017. Do you think that the fact that I will not have completed every single course before applying that it will affect my chances of getting in? I was told by one of the Nursing advisors at LMU that most students have not completed all of the requirements before applying, but I wasn't for sure if she was just saying that. This is my last year of TN Promise paid school so I really want to complete all the courses in this one year so I can apply for the nursing program. I am just so nervous that I will have spent all this time the past 2 years to apply and that I will be rejected. I would appreciate anyone's input about their admission experience with LMU and what their GPA was like? I just need some advice please!


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