help! Any curriculm or training material about pertecting occupation hazard


i am a nursing teacher as well as a nurse in china. this is my first time to be here. i so excited. i have some question and need your help.

the problem is about occupation hazard in nurse or other health care personnel. in my country ,there was a litter curriculum or training program about how to protect ourselves ,so i and my students always been hurt by sharps and so on. i known for the cdc and niosh net which have document and guideline for occupation hazard in hospital and heath care personnel.

so ,i want known what curriculum will set up in order to teach the skill of pertect occupation hazard in school of nurse ? is it have any standard textbook or training material ? if i can get this material ,i will training my student and avoid the hurt when they practice in future.

i really need your help , thank a lot!:redbeathe

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